Hi, I’m Jaspreet Kaur, the founder and CEO of JV Health Products & Services Inc.
At JV Health Products & Services Inc We Do Goal-Oriented Nutritionist and Wellness professional focused on conducting detailed nutrition consultations and creating personalized meal plans to meet the need of each client.
High-achieving professional with advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Our main focus point in JV Health Products & Services Inc

  • One on one with clients and in groups focusing on nutritional improvements.
  • Establish and maintain nutritional records and information.
  • Analyze clients eating habits and formulate diets
  • Instruct clients in meal preparations and diet therapy.
  • Online consultation with clients.
  • Educate clients about long term health benefits of balance diets and exercise.
  • Promote low fat and low sodium diets.
  • Regular assessment of diet and progress of clients
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